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    Default Shout to the Techno lovers in here

    Today Colour,
    Manchester's leading Techno event, launches the "Hot-Mix" series, Direct & Downloadable via Souncloud

    Colour residents will showcase 30 minute mixes of quality Techno , each & every month .
    Check out the opening HotMix from Resident Phil Denton.

    "Manchester born and bread. Techno through and through. Phil has been running parties on the Manchester underground since the mid naughties, namely in the guise of Dirty Analogue, and his long lasting residency at DA has proved Denton a properly versatile DJ, embracing the full spectrum of techno.

    Phil Denton now finds himself in the heart of Manchester's techno scene with his Residency @ Colour,
    With Releases on Italy's Kontrol Records, UK based start up Filth Infatuated and Roman Zawodny's Urban Kickz US Imprint, Phil is starting to make real inroads;"

    Track list for this mix available via Soundcloud,

    Peace !

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    this is not really the place to just spam events

    4 posts and all just event spam/promotion, someone just ban this dude
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    Hammer time!

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