Anyone purchased the Softstep foot controller?
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    Default Anyone purchased the Softstep foot controller?

    I'm really wanting to hear/see some action on one of these. I'm really surprise DJTT hasn't done a cool
    Mapping for them, I think there's a lot of potential. I thought it'd be cool to have one of the pads act as a shift function that would add instant fx cue points. Then when you take your foot off it just turns into a regular cue point again. What are some other ideas you guys have thought of for this?

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    I would also be interested in hearing some feedback on this, especially from those using it while scratching
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    I've got one as a demo, just haven't hooked it up or mapped it yet. Hasn't been high on the priority list, i guess. Actual work has taken precedence over DJing lately. Although I did play an 8 hour set last weekend. That was fun. If I hook it up and try it out anytime soon, I'll report back.
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