So I've got a solid yet basic little nocturn mapping, deck A/B on separate pages, tree select (timecode for track) effects w/ select function, and hotcues 1/8 w/ a delete function.

The next step is to use midi outs to get the hotcue buttons to light when a cue is placed, and go off when it is deleted. This is something I haven't been able to figure out yet. Anyone know how to map midi outputs with automap.

There is one catch. Because decks A and B are on separate pages, and I a shift button + 3 effect on/off buttons, I was left with only four buttons for 8 hotcues. I worked around this by setting modifier 2 to the crossfader; thus when it is all the way to the left, cues 1-4 are active, and when it is anywhere else cues 5-8 are active. I imagine this would make what I want to do with the midi outs a bit more complicated, assuming it is possible in automap.