I need help and advice about my setup :)
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    Default I need help and advice about my setup :)

    Hey, my name is Guillermo and im from spain.

    I own a Numark Mixtrack usb controller and i usually use it with Virtual DJ even tho i know tracktor and ableton are a lot better (actually i have those programs in my computer) but im more used to use virtual dj.

    The other day talking to my frien who is into djing too (he has a Numark Mixtrak PRO) we decided to start mixing and creating songs together (minimal, techno, dubstep, drum and bass) and we really dont know how could we set up or gear to make it work correctly, i also was thinking about getting a Novation Lounchpad or an ipad. should we map one of the mixers to controll deks A and B and the other one to controll C and D or something like that? . and should we get a Novation Lounchpad for each of us , or just an ipad , or an ipad and a Lounchpad, and we also dont know if we sould buy a usb audio card because his mixer has one integrated, and maby i should run my mixer thru his mixer and then to the computer , or both to the computer. i personally like tracktor better but if i have to buy a lounchpad i would like to use it with ableton , so its pretty confusing xd ..idk im pretty lost when i think about setting everything up.. please give me options and your own opinion too. I hope my english wasnt too bad and you all understood me..


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    Hi, I'm that friend, we would appreciate any help or advice, thanks

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    1) You need an audio card for the mixtrack. This controller doesn't have one on board. Secondly, the Mixtrack Pro controller has no inputs, so the Mixtrack cannot be routed through it.
    2) I think we also need to establish the difference between a mixer and a controller. You both have controllers right now. The launchpad is a controller. Something like a Pioneer DJM-2000 is a mixer, for example. Mixers generally are used for inputs, outputs, gain, volume, effects in some cases, and EQing. A controller has a mixer section that is generally composed of two or four three-band EQs-one per deck-and two decks.
    3) If you are using VDJ Pro, you may be able to map your controller to control C and D while his controls A and B. I'm not sure that VDJ has the support for this (I would imagine it would), but I haven't used it in a while.
    4) When you say mixing and creating songs, what do you mean? Neither of the Mixtracks or the Launchpad are meant for production. They're DJ controllers. Something like an MPK49 is meant for production. Before you continue on a gear buying spree, you need to know what you're doing. What would you use the launchpad for? Which software would you use it with? Et cetera, et cetera.

    Hopefully this helps you guys out! Your english was just fine, by the way

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    Thanks for the reply. When i mean creating or producing i dont mean necessarily creating every singe sound in the mix, i actualy mean loading a lot of sounds into the lounchpad and play with them and ive seen that you can produce with a lounchpad using ableton

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