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    Default We need your help!

    Hi Folks!

    We are participating the biggest dj contest of europe, if we win this we'll get a chance to dj on Starbeach Chersonissos!
    So it would be really nice if you will vote for us in the contest and it will take no longer than 30 seconds.
    Just click "VOTE" enter your name and email adress (you won't get any spam or something) and your done!

    I know al lot of people in here hate the questions for votes.. we also hate to do it, but without asking people to vote you just won't get any votes.. because most people won't vote on who they think is the best.. but just the people who they know or ask..
    Also we want to spread our music further into the world and this is a very big opportunity for us to do this!

    Gentleman A. & David Westen
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