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    surefire way to get a restraining order pulled out against you.
    this will piss them off, which you dont want trust me. in the past, my manager has told customers that there is nothing that can be done and that if they insist on calling anymore, that we would have the police visit them. its called harassment and it is illegal in the States.

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    Default Did you even read it?

    I think I emphasized apologizing for bothering them over everything else. I've used this method many times. And in ALL cases, the people I dealt with were glad to have it(an unhappy customer) brought to their attention. Businesses are generally in business to please their customers, not make them mad. You take no for an answer all you want, but when I spend my money, I expect to have a smile on my face at the end of the day.

    Let's see what this has gotten so far. My money back on that very day(several times). Two free pairs of headphones for my trouble. Lots of free cables, free slipmats, you want me to go on. Here's what the sign says on the wall of my dad's office (a place that has been in busines since 1968);
    "It cost's more money to get a new customer than it does to keep an old one."

    It fact, I have never once heard, "don't call back." Please tell us all where you work so we can avoid it.

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    oh man i laughed so hard reading your instructions.

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    Thats the worst advice ive ever read.
    Funny but certainly bad.

    Phone Call:

    MD: "hello"
    Guy: "ive bought this thing and it hasnt arrived"
    MD: "why are you ringing me at dinner time, how did you get this number"
    Guy: "i got it from some guy, i want a refund"
    MD: "and i want to eat my dinner in peace, fuck off or ill phone the police"

    In the UK this is phone harassment if you keep ringing and the Police will pay you a little visit.

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