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    Default Traktor Pro analyzing wrong

    Ok, happened to me recently that i threw a track in my set, that i haven't played since switching to Traktor Pro. The bpm is around 125-ish but traktor said 63. Then i got a bit pissed off and chose for another similar song to play instead and it did it again! You know why? I know how i can fix this on forehand. But it was annoying that i wanted to play this in the middle of the party and then everything screwed up.

    Have there been similar analyze problems with the Traktor Pro or am i just plain unlucky?

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    It was gridding it at half-tempo. Best way to deal with this is to change the BPM range in the preferences. All you have to do is hit the x2 in the Grid Advance Panel.
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    Traktor Pro does seem to have some odd analyzing problems every once in a while, but since one of the recent updates, it seems to not over-ride the BPM analysis of songs put through Mixed In Key, which tends to get the songs right that Traktor doesn't.

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