Best powered speaker set up??
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    Default Best powered speaker set up??

    What do you guys prefer as far as brands (bang for the buck)??
    I'm looking at getting 2 Jbl 510's with 1 518s for the boom..

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    xfer thread over to gen dis

    Best bang for buck...was the deal i got on 2 15" active behringers, got them on craigslist for 100 bux & a ipod. I know that Im gonna get bashed from Karlos but like the brand behringer, it has met my dj needs over the years.
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    :heads to craigslist:

    that's a sick deal. / /
    me on beatport / me on djtunes
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    I use the Matrix 1000 from B52. I see nothing better than that for best bang for the buck. Other than that, I have 2 15" EV sxa250s and imo, they are better than any plastic molded 15 incher.

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    I got the JBL Eon 515's, and can't be happier! They are a great full range speaker, Lows are neat and responsive, & the high are crystal clear. I have never had to push them hard and they produce great sound. After a few more party and bar gigs (and a VCI 100 or 300) I'm going to add a 518 to punish movable objects!

    I thoroughly recommend them.

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    i recently did alot of research on active pa-speakers and tested some models in a shop nearby. the ones i liked most: hk audio performer. if you want to play bigger events with it you might wanna pick a more powerful system though.

    its a 15" sub with two 8"/1" tops and it sounded even better than several higher priced systems. i got to test them at home for 3 days and loved 'em. definately buying them as soon as i got some spare money.

    from what i read on forums, JBL isn't really the adress for PA-speakers. at least that was the going opinion on several german hifi/PA forums.

    the best suggestion would probably be to test several speakers and keep those that you liked most anyway. at the end its your ear that decides whether someting sounds good or not. loud they are all

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    The very useful link u have given in post,I've visited on that & found it use worthy.

    Thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesC View Post
    I know that Im gonna get bashed from Karlos but like the brand behringer.
    Nooooo dude i dont bash on Behringer, im eyeing up one of their studio mixers at the moment.
    My issue is that you never get the same review twice on something. They dont seem to be consistent in what they make.

    Im not a brand snob... well apart from Baked Beans, they have to be Heinz

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    I've tried Mackies JBL's, and every active (self-powered) speaker out there. . and the best bang for the buck has been the Behr's.

    I've had mine for 2 years now. . .the Highs are great, and they thump. I've never ever had to push them past 12:00 on volume on them.

    And if you have a Guitar Center in your area, price match em. . .Got mine MUUCH cheaper than what GC advertises.

    and for the reviews. . .the Behringer Eurolive B215D's have been getting great reviews. . .well except for one guy. . .but it sounded incompentent. . . .I don't push equipment THAT extreme to cause smoke from the speakers!

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    Damn.. I know some of you are fond of Behringer products.. but I've had three pieces of grear from them; a 16 channel mixer, a stereo enhancer, and a patch bay. I've had difficulties with all three of them. You get what you pay for.

    I can tell you that I've heard the Behringers and if I feel that the upper mids to high frequencies are very rough on my ears. I also find that the low end can crackle at times when being pushed to the limit and the digital compression which is standard with all powered PAs creates a pumping and sucking sound that is particularly noticeable with dub step bass lines on these speaks in particular.

    I think the best mid term investment are the K series from QSC.. I've been eying the K10's myself.. the thinking here is that I can add the sub(s) latter if I really want to thump a joint.. They aren't nearly as cheap as the Behrs.. but again... if you factor in having to replace the Behrs in two years.. then..??? Also, if you get a quality speak... one that is indestructible, you could always rent them out to your peeps when they're in need. These speaks sound really good too. My recommendation is to take some reference audio with you to ear your choices... make sure these are good quality files.. preferably WAV or AIF. but 320 mp3 at a minimum... listen at low and high volume levels.. let your ears do more of the deciding than your wallet.

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