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    Basically, I'm selling my Stanton M.203 mixer and 2x Stanton C.324 CD/MP3 players to a fellow, but I wanted to get all the gear "tuned up" for the next person to use it, so that it's almost brand new.

    Anyone recommend a repair shop or person in the U.S.? I've looked and all I can find are repair shops in the UK that demand you sell all your limbs in order to afford the shipping and repair costs.

    Thanks for any help fellow DJTTers.

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    Let the buyer take care of that, or why spend the extra cash to tune them up, you're just gonna end up losing in the end?

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    That's commendable, but not really necessary. You're selling it as used, so the buyer will have to bear that in mind when paying.

    Anything you spend repairing/refurbishing the gear will be out of your pocket - you're not likely to increase the value of the gear by refurbing it...
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    Well...I believe the socket for the power supply on the CD player is kinda screwed up, when I hook it up and turn it go bro. So it doesn't At all. That's why I need to get it repaired haha.

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    This may be a silly question because your name may contain the answer, but where are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djlotus View Post
    This may be a silly question because your name may contain the answer, but where are you located?
    Near Seattle, Washington

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