MY VCI-400 just arrived!!!
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    Default MY VCI-400 just arrived!!!


    i know thats not particuluarly exciting news these days and lots of people have the standard one, but excited me very much when i got home and saw the box, and didnt have anyone else to tell so came on here!!

    Now just waiting excitedly for the Overlay/firmware/tsi combo to turn it into a EGE one!!


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    Is it official that there will be a firmware upgrade for the standard vci 400?

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    pretty much

    In the long comments thread that went with the main page story "VCI-400 EGE edition ready to pre order" or whatever it was called, Ean came on personally and commented. While i cant remember the exact wording it was along the lines of The people have spoken and a firmware/overlay package HAS to happen.


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    Go to the Vestax site and download the latest VCI-400 firmware.

    There are still some outstanding bugs. Often the VCI-400 is not recognized as an audio interface after the second or third plug in, so I have to reboot. I am working on a new mapping. Any ideas requests?

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