Any tips for upcoming producer?
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    Default Any tips for upcoming producer?

    I am starting producing I use mix craft 5 and fl studio, any tips for a beginer
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    Default has some nice beginner tutorials that are taught in the FL environment. id suggest youtube as well.
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    Man, as someone who started on FL studio, i suggest seriously getting ableton. It may be a huge investment but it is a good one, and then investing about 30 quid into the sonic academy videos to get you started making tracks. they're like 30 quid for 3 months access and they'll get you on your feet and making full tracks in no time, just dont trust them for mastering, they run into the red often but a little background reading on mastering and you'll see why thats wrong! however for learning how to structure a song, and mixing it down and above all keeping it interesting sonic academy is top notch. helped me a out a load and had me making tunes, properly, in about 3 days. really helps get past the daunting learning curve of ableton and also points you in the direction of excellent sample packs, quite a lot of which are free or at least partially free when included with the course!

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    Learn music theory! Classical will help you more than you could ever imagine.

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