Recording a mix with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and Vestax VCI 400
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    Default Recording a mix with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and Vestax VCI 400

    Hey guys,

    I've very recently made the switch from CD's to Traktor and a Vestax 400, which overall I'm loving, but I dont seem to be able to record my mixes, or link it to Ableton to play both out together.

    Very annoyingly, at my gig last night I thought I was recording my set, but this morning there's no audio on any of the files. When I've gone in to check the settings I can see that I only have outputs, 'Monitor Out L + R' and 'Master Out L + R'. If I try and set the 'Master Out' as the record channel, it takes out my main output.

    Anyone found away around this, or am I missing something simple? Any help would be much appreciated.



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    are you using the VCI in internal or External mixing mode?

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    You have to set Traktor's recording source to Internal instead of External, you won't need an entry in the audio routing setup. In T2, it's set to external by default even if you're using internal mixing, which is dumb - took me a while to figure it out too.

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