Starting a Live Video Stream on my Radio Show Tonight
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    Default Starting a Live Video Stream on my Radio Show Tonight

    Hey guys,

    I have a radio show through my university here in New York playing mostly deep/house/techno/indie on Sundays 7-9PM Eastern (4-6PM for West coast). I've decided to set up a live video feed through uStream to make things a little more interesting while I'm mixing. Tonight I'm playing a spring set (despite all the rain) full of deep house and indie dance near 120bpm.
    If you'd like to see a fellow TTer in action (I think I'll be sticking to CDJs tonight), please tune in! And if you're into the kind of tunes I'm playing, I'm always looking for guests to come in.

    Here's the uStream channel:

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    Sorry I missed this. Are you going to do it next week?
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