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    hey guys finally getting the hang of traktor, this is the first mix i've done in about 5 years or so, it would probably float me through a live set but not a demo. This set has mostly songs that were big back in 99-02 when i had a residency in korea and a few random bars in germany. Once I get a few months of practice and build up my collection (damn beatport mp3's are so much better than dropping $15 for vinyl) I should have some good stuff. Minimal is fun but it's too easy, I may do a set of that after getting better with the effects, but anyways enough rambling:

    1. Fields of Love - ATB *York Dub mix
    2. Lethal Industry - Tiesto *Dj Red & Josh Dupont mix
    3. Madagascar - Art Of Trance *Richard Durand mix
    4. Walhalla - Gouryella
    5. Shaken Not Stirred - The Quest
    6. Greece 2000 - Three Drives *Marcel Woods mix
    7. Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52 *John Flemming mix
    8. We Ran At Dawn - Allure *Magikal Remake
    9. Endless Wave - Kamaya Painters *Albion mix
    10. Dance of The Seventh - Moontribe *Tiesto's Power Dub

    128kb =

    320kb = (will upload 4-30-09)

    hope everyone enjoys it, i know there are some young bucks out there that won't know these songs, but i'm sure you'll fall in love with them if you like trance.

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    I know some of them but this is *really* appreciated since I have a big lack in Trance stuff... besides my personal psytrance hobby :P I'll check out the mix when I'm back home.

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    yw man, also all of those tracks are on beatport if you want to purchase them

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    looking forward to downloading this later today for my flight to NY. I have liked trance since I was a kid, and know lots of songs by ear but not name so it is good for me. Will let you know what I think of think mix later.
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