XONE:4D ISSUE!!!!!! help??
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    Default XONE:4D ISSUE!!!!!! help??

    so here's my predicament, I've had my XONE:4D for almost a year now, bought it used off ebay, with pretty much 0 issues (was missing an encoder and the usb cable, no bigee), then suddenly today, after not using it for a day or two, I turn it on and instead of the typical flashing of the filter option lights, nothing happens, infact none of the led lights are working except for the track input indicators at the top. If it was just the lights, I'd be ok with trying to fix it, but the LFO, FILTER, AND BPM ANALYZER ARE ALL UNFUNCTIONAL. I'm really hoping there is something simple I missed, but I just don't know what the problem is. Anybody with a 4D out there that knows about this problem or know what to do about it??

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    I'd say give Allen n Heath a call...I've heard their tech support is really helpful.

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