Setting up the VCI-400 Ean with traktor pro 2 (Tips + Advice)
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    Default Setting up the VCI-400 Ean with traktor pro 2 (Tips + Advice)

    Hi, i'd like to get some info+advice+tips on the VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition and Traktor Pro 2.

    I am new to Traktor and I am finding it a bit difficult to set up. First, can anyone tell me how to get sound off my headphones? The program is running but I can't seem to get my headphones to work with it. Any other advice or tips would be helpful, thanks.

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    Try going into Traktor Preferences > Audio Output

    Set to Internal, Master L/R in the master section, Monitor L/R in the monitor section. From there, press the monitor button on top of the level faders on the VCI-400 and be sure to adjust the knobs on the front of the unit to suit your volume needs.

    I may also be wrong, so anybody else feel free to correct me. I just recently did this and it worked for me.
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