touchosc reference for iphone/itouch control
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    Default touchosc reference for iphone/itouch control

    hey people

    i wanted to buy touchosc in near future. today i searched for "osc" in the app store and saw that there are many other osc applications.

    now, is touchosc the reference for controlling ableton/traktor or is there something better on the market?


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    Check out this blog post:

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    TouchOSC is probably the best OSC app for the Iphone currently, however, there is also Mrmr. Mrmr is an open source program and is a little harder to configure than TouchOSC, but can do the same things. TouchOSC is also developing a configurable interface, so you can design your own. So, in my opinion, if you know what you're doing with OSC messages, you can get away with Mrmr, but TouchOSC is a good buy.

    With all OSC currently, you will still have to route the messages through Max/MSP, PD, or OSCalculator to use with Ableton 8 or Traktor Pro.

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