Help me pick a MIDI control interface
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    Default Help me pick a MIDI control interface

    I need help picking a MIDI control surface for my live rig. I do live house music with Ableton Live (I don't DJ I use VSTs and junk). My price range is about $250 and under. The two I was looking into the most were the Waveidea Bitstream Pro, and the Doepfer Drehbank. I like the bitstreams faders and built in rack mount. But the Drehbank has so many different knobs! They both also look much more pro than things like the Evolution uc-33e or the Behringer Bcr/Bcf2000. I know they both don't have USB but I have a MIDI interface. The Bitstream 3x is to expensive for me. Please help me decide and or suggest other modules.

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    Build one yourself. Start with one of these, and add pots, buttons and faders to suit your taste.

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