Annoying problem i need help! Soundcard
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    Default Annoying problem i need help! Soundcard

    hi all, was hoping i could figure this out on my own but i can't. I have a vestax vci-100 and a numark djio external soundcard. As of last week everything worked out fine, cueing was perfect i had it all connected great. Then since i removed vista and put on xp and re-installed everything as i think i had it before, i can't cue, meaning when i hit the cue button for either deck i just here the other track in my headphones and not the track i wan't to cue, like i said i think i've everything set up in preferences as before. just don't know whats going on?

    when i turn the mix knob down, the music from the speakers turns down except for my headphones, and when i turn the volume knob up, not the main volume, the music from my speakers goes up!

    I'm out of ideas!


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    I donīt know which software you are using to mix, but I assume it is traktor. If that is the case it seems that the output routing in not correctly configured. Take a look at them. If you want you can paste a screen capture here so that we can check if they are correct.

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    thanks for the help

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    Try switching them.
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    looks like the main output L and R need to be switched around too, although i don't think that is what is causing your problem.

    good luck
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