Musikmesse 2012 – VCI-400 gets mixer mode
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    Default Musikmesse 2012 – VCI-400 gets mixer mode

    Wow, I'll be able to hook up my tt's direct. Guess I won't need to even think about the vci380 now.

    vci400_mixer-224x300.jpgMarch 20, 2012 By Mark Settle

    It’s fair to say that this year’s Musikmesse has been tumbleweed central so far, with just a couple of new bits to see. but Facebook ha thrown up this little tidbit for your enjoyment. No press release or anything even vaguely official, but this was just posted from the show floor but Vestax themselves:

    Vestax VCI-400 Mixer mode

    I could pad this out with all manner of long winded words, but this picture says absolutely everything. And as a firmware upgrade, that means it’ll free and just made the VCI-400 more attractive than it already is. God Bless the digital age.
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    I am so excited. And I just can't hide it.

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    excellent news, but kind of weird to make it stand alone after they released

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    ... better than 3 months of pre-release hype and fanfare. Not showing all their cards at the start of the game obviously. To me it's a good sign that new features are being implemented ... and there may be more to come in the future.

    Not so unusual to design dormant features/resources into a product then tap in to them after basic functionality has been stabilized, streamlined and bedded down.

    Some companies get the hype going before a product or feature is actually functional, announce release dates and release regardless of bugs & other issues. Other companies develop features and then announce/release them only after they are fully functional and tested.
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    *hopes same happens for S4*
    Nah i kid i kid, does make the VCI faaaar surpass the S4 though
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    Cool stuff. I wonder if the EGE will get the same update?
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