New to the scene, looking for some advice!
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    Default New to the scene, looking for some advice!

    Hey all, just getting into the scene recently (used to screw with CDJ's and 1210s ages ago but not long enough to be fluent). Have a massive passion for electronic music and have ever since I was around 10 when the old Ibiza anthems used to come out. Always find myself mixing and making beats in my head and making sounds when im by myself, so decided to get a few little goodies and this time committing to the digi dj / production path.

    Anyways Ive stuck to a budget on this, basically ending up with a decent win7 laptop, Hercules 4MX, a pair of Near 05 monitors and have just picked up a Korg Nanopad2 for a bit of Midi learning. Have tried out a number of cheap, free and LE versions of programs and seem to like Traktor, even though its a lot harder to master (still using LE at the moment).

    One thing I need a lot of help on is the whole MIDI connecting to PC's and getting it to work in sync with my 4mx as a secondary unit and the nanopad also. Have trawled every option I can think of trying to get these working and im finding that if I dont understand the basics of how Midi works and how to program it to the software im usuing, then im screwed.

    Any reccomendations for a new guy like me? Would like to know how you picked up the whole MIDI and getting various units to work together. Finding it friggin difficult.

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    MIDI is great, fantastically simple once you get your head around the basics -

    good little MIDI tutorial here:

    For Traktor the blog has what you need i believe:

    If your issue is getting your controllers recognised by Traktor, have you installed the drivers that came with the nanopad and 4MX?
    Or you might have to DL them online from respective sites, you also might be able to find some useful pre-made mappings for Traktor that you can use, break down and adapt; at for example.

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