BACK UP your music; which HDD to buy
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    Default BACK UP your music; which HDD to buy

    I haven`t lost any music just thinking what is the best solution for backing up.
    First I thought to buy the external hdd but they are heating a lot(I think that Bento lost his music). But nevertheless which EXTERNAL HDD to buy or not?

    Don`t buy WD at all, internal or external(heating too much), they have a lot of issues. LaCie - I`ve read that they are a lot worst then their previous products. Maxtor off course not. Just to mention Seagate have extremely bad series off
    Barracuda 7200.11
    DiamondMax 22
    Barracuda ES.2 SATA
    hdds so they have constant firmware updates trying to fix it.

    But what about seagate(I love seagate) external drive? Any infos.

    Because of the heating problem of external drives I will probably buy internal HITACHI 500GB drive and external case with usb connection(I don`t need any speedy connections because it will be used for backups only).
    I want to be external because if something goes wrong with electricity I don`t wont to damage my backup.

    How will it affect internal hdd in external case because of the weekly turning off and on,when it`s plug in?
    Which case to choose(I don`t need any fans because it will be connectewd just enough for backup to finish)?

    Any thoughts on this, or how do you manage your backup? I prefer this kind of manual plugging in and out because I think it`s the safeties way.

    And what program do you use (PC or MAC)? I will need just to back up changed files.

    Thank you for any reply
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    I just purchased a Seagate 1.5 TB Freeagent Desk external, and I love the thing. It doesn't get too hot, has USB, FW400, and FW800, and has tons of space for under 200 bucks. As for backup management, I use Mac Timemachine for the entire computer, and then have Chronosync for backing up Traktor, Music, RE, and Documents. What's cool about Chronosync is that during the backup, it only backs up the changed files so daily backup is quick as hell, and you don't have to drag and drop any files or remember which ones had changed. Plus, it has a configurable archive setting, so you can back up seperate instances of each file that changed, just in case.

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    I have a Lacie and a Seagate and haven't had a problem(knock, knock) with either. I just ran across these little HDD's and am curious to try.

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    FYI if you crack open a LaCie the drive inside is a western digital.

    I have 3 external hd for my mac's all of them was western digital. I haven't had any problems with them and 1 of them is over 2 years old and has been abused.
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    Default Problem signs?

    I burn my music to play but I keep it all on an external that's sync'd as my iTunes library.

    My previous WD passport died recently (a week after my laptop crashed ) but I managed to smuggle about 80% of my music off. For some silly reason I bought another WD...

    Now when I play specific songs on iTunes it takes about 15 seconds to load. It always happens with the same songs. I was wondering is this just a problem with the specific song file itself (maybe it got screwed up when my last disk died) or is it indicating that the DRIVE itself is dying? I've heard the latter but I'm hoping it's just the former.

    These things can die any day on you. So when do you know you gotta go get a new drive just in case?

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    My laCie Rugged is brilliant no problems at all.
    My old Maxtor has been going strong for years.

    Id stay away from WD Passports they are troublesome.

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    Whatever you don't buy the 1tb versions of these:

    I've lost two of these in the last year. One of them wiped all my vinyl backups. Some of which were stolen at a gig

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    i currently have 3 lacie, two of them are lego shaped and the latest one is the little disk
    i have never had a problem so far over the 3 years i v used them.
    in addition i recommended to my friends as well those drive and again no problem so far.
    the only problem that might occur if your lacie doesnt boot up or cycle boot up small click sound over and over again, this is due to a faulty or damanged power supply so just change the supply cable and u ll be set.


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    Those CLICKS are well known for WD hdds.

    I know I shouldn`t start this topic because I know the conclusion will be BUY WHAT YOU CAN AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN. I`m pissed.

    I am going to buy Hitachi 500GB and rack for him it will be the same price as 250GB external drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmcpress View Post
    I've lost two of these in the last year. One of them wiped all my vinyl backups. Some of which were stolen at a gig
    Ouch - it pays to have multiple backups !

    Back on topic - id recommend a Seagate hard drive, costs more but this is one of those instances that you get what you pay for.

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