How to create live drum loops for DJ sets
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    Default How to create live drum loops for DJ sets

    Hey guys I've done some DJ and drummer sets in the past and I loved the sound that a live drummer brings to the show. I was wanting to use Studio Drummer to make my own loops, but i'm finding the sound is super flat, is there something i'm doing wrong?

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    Create your own sets. The best drum sounds in dance music are going to be layered, and not a single kick or snare.

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    I mean…what are you doing to create them?

    If you have the money, taking your work to a Recording Studio that offers in-house production can help.

    But, a lot of it has to do with knowing when to use Quantize and when to avoid it. Actually knowing how to play rhythms can really help as well. I'm lucky in that I'm friends with a classically trained percussionist who's been listening to hip hop his whole life. I'm pretty sure my first foray into actual Recording will buying be some SM57/421s, a concert snare, and some Congas and random perc instruments.

    As far as technical things, panning is really important. Compression/gating can make a big difference. Good use of delays and reverbs can help. EQing and Filtering is kind of essential depending on the samples you're using. And despite the fact that you probably don't want Loudness Wars levels of pegging digital zero, something resembling mastering might help.

    Maybe post an example for people to listen to?

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