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    For those who use ableton i got a question addressed at you..

    I've been making some new bootlegs lately and i wanted to make one with a rap song or a song far away from the 128 bpm mark. Say i've warped them perfectly according to the original song, how will this help me when i change the master tempo to 128 bpm, won't the acapella drift away from the master song at 128 bpm?

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    I'm sorry i don't know your awnser but there are alot of pros in the Ableton Section
    and it will help get it started. Thats where the ableton masters hang

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    if you have them both warped correctly so that they are perfect, then the slower song should speed up exactly, like when you use sync on traktor.

    it shouldnt drift, and if it does its incorrectly warped!

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    When you say correctly warped, you mean correctly warped as in the same speed as the original song( talking about the acapella ) so when i change the master tempo to the songs tempo that i want to add the vocals too, the acapella should speed up, correct?

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    No need for 2 threads mate

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