Ableton warping acapellas question
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    Default Ableton warping acapellas question

    For those who use ableton i got a question addressed at you..

    I've been making some new bootlegs lately and i wanted to make one with a rap song or a song far away from the 128 bpm mark. Say i've warped them perfectly according to the original song, how will this help me when i change the master tempo to 128 bpm, won't the acapella drift away from the master song at 128 bpm?

    ALso, does anyone here has couple of tricks on how to quickly warp acapellas, using or not using the original song.-.

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    it will stay synced to the master clock but depending on how far from the original BPM is you will get better or worse results from the algorithm (meaning the vocal will loose quality). You could chop the frases to ease up some of the load.

    Best practice with warping acapellas is indeed using the original as a reference and a metronome.

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    If you set the master to the BPM of the original, then warp it, then change it back to the faster/slower tempo it will stay linked... 99% of the time i will warp it as straight (only 1 warp marker to start it off at 1/1)

    Just make sure you listen out for when the vocal starts in the original, it wont always start on beat

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    a fats way to work with acappelas...

    1.- get the original version and the accapella

    2.- put both on th arrangement view, leave the warp button on the accapela unchecked

    3.- on the original version put al your markers and warp it up completly, also check this song a a master tempo, so the session will follow the original song tempo.

    4.- when you get all your markers go and check the warp button on the accapella version, ableton will ask you if you want to erase the old warp markers and replace it with the master tempo song markers.

    5.- finnally delete the automation on the time session windows and thats it, your accapella is warped to the old song and now you can change the speed without any trouble with the accapela

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