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    Default Outlook mix competition entry

    Hey guys,

    My dj buddy kara boga with whom i spin as bassoenetrators is entering this years dj competition for the outlook festival in croatia

    He needs >500 plays to enter round two and >100 favouritings to enter rund 3

    Please listen to the mix and favourite it if you like it !!


    KARA BOGA (Basspenetrators) Outlook Festival 2012 Competition Entry

    Pushing controllerism forward is the intention of this mix: making use of effects, cue-points for changing track-structure + live remixing and 4 decks. So the mix contains various elements of controllerism development of the past few Years..!

    I hope you have that much fun listening, like I had when mixing!

    Please leave a comment and favourite the mix - if you like it..

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    Hey Guys,

    I know it's annoying to read stuff like this - but it's this kind of shitty selection system that makes us DJs that much dependent on Your support through Favs/Plays/comments etc...!

    However, it would be pretty awsome to get some Feedback and/or comments/Favs on Mixcloud if you like the Mix

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

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