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    Here is one for the ableton heads. When I am pre-recording radio shows, jingles etc. I have always used the same project and keep all my warped tunes in the one project. There is 100's of tunes and jingles etc. and everytime I want to get into the project it takes ages to load up and goes alot slower than a regular project because of how many files are kept there. Is there any way that I can open a new blank project each time I want to do a show and just somehow create a folder that I can go into (or something along those lines) and browse my pre-warped tracks, jingles etc. without having to load up 100's of tracks just to use 2 hours worth in the end. Hope this makes sense.


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    Yes. Use the file browser on the left panel to access folders on your computers. Just throw your tracks in a folder.

    To start with a blank project very time you open:
    - delete all tracks/songs etc in your project (do not save!)
    - open preferences
    - go to file folder tab
    - Click "save current set as default"
    - close and do not save unless you want to lose your project

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