What is a good, almost-new SL2 box worth?
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    Default What is a good, almost-new SL2 box worth?

    Sounds like a dumb question, but feel free to answer up gentlemen. The current going price for the only independent seller on eBay (not guitar center etc.) has it listed at $405 with a day and half to go. What is it worth?

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    Does it come with vinyls and cables? They hold their value really well since they come with a software licence so a used one is worth almost as much as a new one.
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    bmw nut,

    ebay allows you to look at historical sales. go to the main ebay page and do a search on "rane sl2." then click "completed listings" to look at expired listings. you can find "completed listings" under the heading "show only" in the frame with grayish background towards the left of the screen.

    you might want to filter by "auctions only" as well, which prettty much limits the results to private sales, as most professional sellers don't rely on auctions all that much.

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    Considering it, I'd say 450 obo would be a good price. 400 maybe. Considering it's $500 new, that's about what I'd be willing to pay for one.

    Also considering SL1 boxes are still going for around 300 or so, it gives a little room so the markets on the two don't overlap.

    Honestly I don't see the SL2 as a worthwhile investment over an SL1 box though. You won't be able to hear the difference in sound quality in any real playing out situation, and I really like how the "thru" works on the SL1. I'd get an SL1, otherwise it's worth the extra $$ to pony up for an SL3 (if you want the 3rd deck or to record with ease) or SL4 (if you want easy changing of DJ's with the multi-USB, or extra decks/inputs for playing or recording).

    But that's my opinion. I've heard that there may be some funk with SL1 boxes and newer PC computers, but haven't had to deal with that since I'm on a Macbook Pro these days.
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