Im new here--I need some help on next steps!
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    Default Im new here--I need some help on next steps!

    Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums (but not new to DJing itself).

    I'd like some advice. When I DJ at clubs I use Traktor, and either CDJs or vinyl timecode control. Thats it.

    My current set up at home consists of a pair of Technics that need an RCA replacing (40) and new needles (80), A DJM 700 mixer, and a pair of CDJ 1000s (also an Audio 4 DJ).

    I wanna know...what would you buy next? I'm willing to sell stuff, but not the turntables as I love my real vinyl. Not too sure about the CDJs as I find them too simple.

    I was thinking perhaps the DJM 800/900? Or a Kontrol X1? Not so sure about the F1 (I'm a house DJ). Perhaps some 1000 MK3's so I can play MP3 CDs. Or should I replace the stuff on my Technics? I mean they're working fine but its just a niggly thing. What would you spend the money on? Obv. to get a DJM 900 I'd have to sell the CDJs so mention would you'd sell in exchange...

    Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong place and completely boring for you to read :P

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    Tbh, if you use your decks and they're causing trouble, get 'em serviced.

    Otherwise, I'd probably go for an X1 to help control the midi controllable modfiers in Traktor ...
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    In order of priority: 1) fix your TTs 2) get a X1

    PS: Do you think you NEED a new mixer or you want a new one?

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    I'd say your better off fixing the techs and getting a Xone K2, you could do so much more with the K2 in terms of software control. Mk111's would be wasted if you are using software... DJM 900 would be a good buy if you were to ditch the software otherwise it's a lot of money for something that you pretty much have now in the 700, just a few more effects (although they are higher quality) and a scratch certified soundcard built in.
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    Thanks for all the input guys. More than anything I needed someone to stop me dithering and actually do something. I think I'll go for an X1 and fixing my Technics. After all like @synthet1c said, the DJM 700 isn't bad at all...

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