Hey everyone, here's a small mini mix I made on Technic 1200s w/ traktor. I've been manually beatmatching for a bit over a week. Things are progressing -- i'm getting faster beatmatching and more familiar around the tables.

This mix didn't come out too badly. Any critiques welcome. I'll listen back if you have a posting up as well.


Any feedback appreciated.


A Night Like This (Richie Hawtin's A Night Like That Remix) - Steve Bug
Never Know - Borderline
Wash The Dish - Daniel Dubb
Kingswing - Matador
Aint no stoppin - Ben Simms
Watcha Playin - Nicole Moudaber
Papershit - Luigi Madonna
Black Out - Gaetano Parisio
Rumbletump (Microtrauma Remix) - Nick Warren
Grita - Alex Sosa, D Low