so a freind of mine and i were looking into getting into production. i am planning on picking up an apc 40 and he was going to buy the maschine. now we are not sure exactly how to set it up yet, but i was thinking we would want to run everything through ableton. the problem is, we have 3 separate laptops, one running traktor, one running maschine, and one running ableton. i want to rout the traktor laptop through 2 of the ableton channels, while also running the maschine laptop as a vst inside of ableton, and then using the apc40 to control an additional 8 tracks for looping and whatnot. we currently have one gigaport sound card, but are planning on getting another sound card that will hopefull enable us to route all three computers together (either audiokontrol1 or audio8). from what i've read, we would be able to sync the laptops via midi, but we are not sure what connections we would need. for anyone who has experience with a setup like this, any information is much appreciated. would this be a feasible setup? or would it be smarter to run all three programs on 2 laptops (ableton/traktor on one and maschine on the other) or even one super laptop (though none of our current laptops would be able to handle this)?