Virtually Overwhelmed (No Pun Intended)

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    Default Virtually Overwhelmed (No Pun Intended)

    In January, I sold all of my gear, except for an Ableton Live 8 and my Akai APC 40. I moved to England and I wasnt able to take my S4 and all of the other little things I had. Now I am coming back around the 15th of April. I have a booked gig in the US on the 21st and it just hit me how overwhelmed I am with trying to buy a new set-up. I would love to buy CDJs but I feel most of them suck unless you spend upwards of $1000 per CDJ. TTs seem pointless to me because I do not like to scratch. So I have pinned myself to a digital setup. Here is my problem.

    I am stuck between the S4, VCI 400, VCI 380, or the new Numark 4trak. What I am worried about is buying something that I will not like. I understand that is cliche and every style is different. I am a standard house DJ with minuscule effects in my sets. I know what I get with the S4 so no need to talk about it.

    The VCI seems innovative, but the FX and pads and what not seem pointless since I am not largely interested in the gaters and slicers. I like the fact I can echo fade but I cant justify spending $1200 just for that feature. I do like how it is mappable to Ableton however. I LOVE that.

    The 380 Seems awesome. Ive never used Serato however so I have no clue what I would be getting. And the 4trak is virtually untalked about on the internet. The only thing that scares me is buying something I will not like. Since I need to buy something why I am in England and have it shipped to my home in the US, I will not get a chance to really play with it. Which is not a big deal. Pretty much all controllers BASIC features are the same.

    My question is this: Since I have like 2 days from the time I get home until I play, should I buy something cheap like a Typhoon and wait for the 380 to come out or should I invest in a larger controller, such as the s4 or VCI 400. If the larger controllers are the option, which and why. I realize this is a rookie move, but I feel I have lost my game in the 4 months abroad.

    Thanks in advance and I apologize for the beginners rant. Since I have been gone and missed NAMM and what not I feel so out of the game.

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    dude just rock the apc40 with traktor until you can take time to decide on what you really want.
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