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    Default Info about itch 2.0

    Hey guys,
    i just read this thread, "Sync'ing Maschine to Traktor....but also Itch?"
    i was just wondering if itch 2.0 has the capability of a Midi Global Tempo so you can sync maschine with itch? the reason why i ask is, if you goto "" and type in maschine with itch, there is a comment dated March 9, 2011 with the satement "As far as matching your patterns with ITCH, CAN'T do. At least not yet. I'm not certain what ITCH 2.0 will have but hopefully we can integrade Maschine with it." i am VERY hopefull as well, but im not getting my hopes up!

    can anyone shed some light on itch 2.0 and its new features?

    BTW...anyone want a xone dx? hahahhaa FUCK THIS CONTROLLER!
    s4 FTW!!!

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    Hey man I just replied to your post in the other thread. Long story short, Itch doesn't have midi clock out. For that feature, you'll need to switch to Traktor.

    DX is wonderful if you stick with Itch. I tried it out with Traktor (using the Mix Architekt mapping) and I didn't enjoy the integration. As a prior Itch addict and recent Traktor convert, there really is nothing as tightly integrated to Traktor as the S2/S4. I tried real hard to use my Itch controller (DX) with Traktor so I could have the best of both worlds but it just wasn't working out. I know there's lot of other people who are doing it though! Flashflooder has a great mapping for the VCI-300 with Traktor. Also lots of people use the Twitch with Traktor too.

    Anyways, if you're really keen on sync'ing something like the Maschine or any other drum controller to your music, you should switch to Traktor. MIDI clock out is an extremely powerful and amazing feature :-) Feel free to PM me if you have any questions on how to go about doing it. Gluck man!
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