Traktor 1.2 will enable a Traktor Genius app?!?
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    Default Traktor 1.2 will enable a Traktor Genius app?!?

    So if Traktor Pro 1.2 will be able to export the list of songs played, it seems this will enable people to start making external apps that do stuff with this information. The twitter idea to me seems interesting, but I think something else would be more interesting: how about an app that can help you find the next song to play?

    I already posted my idea on the MIK forum. Essentially this app could look at the songs you have been playing, the reaction they got form the crowd, your local collection or even any song in the world, the key, the bpm, the genre etc. and suggest a list of songs to play next (along with a download button if they are currently missing).

    I think this is really where apps like Traktor should be looking to expand .. in making it possible to innovate around them. If they would support OSC it would make a lot of things easier in terms of "innovation on the edges"
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