Lucidstrings Monday in a trance
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    Default Lucidstrings Monday in a trance

    Ben Preston - Glorious 2011
    Svyatoslav Maltsev - Wait Until The End (Paul Vintisk Mix)
    Andain - Promises (Richard Durand Mix)
    Whiteroom ft Amy Cooper - Someday
    Three Drive - Letting You Go (Dabruck and Klein Vocal Mix)
    BT - Every Other Day (Armin Van Burren Mix)
    4 Strings - Twilight Modet
    Thruggar - Inception
    Vegar - Viola
    oakefold ft Marco V - Groove Machine
    Nuera ft Szen - Breathing
    DNS Project and Fast Distance - Kickdown
    Maor Levi - Chasing Love (Club Mix)
    Shogun - Skyfire (Alex M.O.R.P.H Mix)
    Roaric Schiffer ft Nina - Forgotten Worlds (Ki Progressive Vocal Mix)
    dns project ft madelin zero another day markus schulz bit room mix
    Broning - Solaris
    Emma Hewit - Colous (Armin Van Buuren Mix)

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    nice track list. Whiteroom - Someday is a great tune!! Adam White and Andy Moor at their best in my opinion.

    Will definitely give this a download. Thanks.
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    Yup I agree a fine track enjoy hope mixing isn't too off was doing in only headphones and was doing various other things while mixing

    Guess should also say I don't beat grid or use sync so all by ear

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    Proly be ok to mention I tried something different in this mix then normal doing more filter blends then straight eq mixing I don't know if I like it but might be something I need to work on then may like it

    As in setting eqs low mid setting lpf and 100% wet then slowing bringing it in and then hitting the eqs

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    Geez no complaints even lol

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