Best place to buy Flight cases & some advice on them
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    Default Best place to buy Flight cases & some advice on them

    First part is aimed at uk people.

    Just wondering where is the best place to buy flight cases for a set of technics 1210's at a good price?

    And my 2nd question (for everyone)

    Is it better to buy a coffin case or put the technics in there own and a mixer seprate as i would like to travel about for partys and stuff and since i will be using a car was wondering would a coffin case fit?

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    Well one thing that you have to think about it the weight. A Technics 1200 (or 1210) weighs almost 50 lbs alone (or about 23 kg in Euro weights). It's up to you if you want to lug around a flight case that weighs over 100 lbs (> 46 kg). Also it is easier to transport individual flight cases rather than being stuck trying to find a space for a huge coffin in your plane, train, or automobile.

    That is why I went with individual flight cases.

    I am not in the UK so I cant help with the first part (sorry), but maybe that will give you something to think about.

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    Single case for each piece of equipment would be the best way forward. Much easier to cart about. You can also set up 'battle style' or conventional if you've got separate cases.

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