CUE POINTS, Where do you set those?
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    Default CUE POINTS, Where do you set those?

    Shortly: If I do not have specific live routines, Where you typically set cue points in tracks?

    1: Beginning of track (intro or suitable mix-in point)
    2: First down beat of track
    3: Verse 16 or 32 count before breakdown
    4: Beginning of the last chorus (or climax)
    5: End of the last chorus (outro or suitable mix-out point)

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    1. Beginning of track
    2. 16-32 bars in.
    3. First Drop
    4. End of First Drop
    then I tend to just drop them when I think I should after the first 4. I just drop them whenever I think I should. Sometimes I drop them around the 2nd chorus or drop.
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    grid marker and thats it unless its going in a recording then i will add some cues for timing purposes.
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