I think that some of you could use this. Want to find a way to tell the difference your new needles make or how that new mixer changes the sound of your mixes compared to your old one? This is the way to do it.

For all of you guys who can't tell the difference between mp3's and lossless. Or even between CBR or VBR, or 192k vs. 320k. Try playing with this and mixing between the original and the processed file. You will start to hear the difference very quickly.


"Audio DiffMaker is a freeware tool set intended to help determine the absolute difference between two audio recordings, while neglecting differences due to level difference, time synchronization, or simple linear frequency responses.

The difference recording that results is only what has changed between the two recordings. If anything - a change of component, a treatment, mechanical damping, etc. - is having any audible effect on the audio signal in a system, the difference recording will have audible content. The end result is primarily intended to be evaluated by ear."

"When to use Audio DiffMaker?
-Testing for audible effects of Changing interconnect cables (compensation for cable capacitance may be required)

-Different types of basic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors)
-Special power cords
-Changing loudspeaker cables (cable inductance may need to be matched or compensated)
-Treatments to audio CDs (pens, demagnetizers, lathes, dampers, coatings...)
-Vibration control devices
-EMI control devices
-Paints and lacquers used on cables, etc.
-Premium audio connectors
-Devices said to modify electrons or their travel, such as certain treated "clocks"
-Different kinds of operational amplifiers, transistors, or vacuum tubes
-Different kinds of CD players
-Changing between power amplifiers
-General audio "tweaks" said to affect audio signals (rather than to affect the listener directly)
-Anything else where the ability to change an audio signal is questioned"