On the ethics of PP on a mix tape
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    Default On the ethics of PP on a mix tape

    I have had a couple conversations with a pair of DJ's (old and new) about the ethics of post-production of a mix tape. For instance, most people would not care much if someone just equals out levels, but when is that magic line crossed?

    One, the older one, was mostly opposed to any PP. His philosophy is one take, that is it. This is how you would sound if you were rocking the crowd, so you better be on your Ps and Qs.

    The younger one was not totally opposed to PP, but seemed to draw the limit at some points. Like he had no qualms about editing a couple bars out of a mix to make transitions cleaner, however he was against assembling smaller bits, say 10 minute mixes into one big mix.

    Personally I have not done and PP to my mix tapes, so warts and all it's up there for the general public to comment on (http://http://www.mixcloud.com/pariscreative) but it has crossed my mind that a retake here, or a simple 4-16 beat slice here would make the mix tape that much tighter.
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    you should always adjust the levels as you will probably have some songs play lower than others or in a fast (slam) transition the new track may be at a lower level than the previous one taking away the energy of the mix, it's much easier to get the levels right on a club system when you're in the moment than it is at home on small speakers.
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    Very rarely i will cut if there was a nice bit of FX or something going on that i couldn't nessecarily replicate in another take, but usually i just do one take with a second if i totally fuck a transition. My mixes are usually 30-90 minutes, the longer ones i very rarely do PP other than a little compression/limiting and maybe levelling out the gains along the way.

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    Eh, I guess you can if you want. I always edit out EQ mess ups or minor clicks/pops that just happen from Traktor's recording.

    If you don't like the way it sounds, re-record it. Thats what i do, and it honestly just makes you better. My very first full length mix, (About an hour) took me probably 40 or so times to record the entire thing perfectly the way i wanted it.

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