Remix deck as master, how will this work?
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    Default Remix deck as master, how will this work?

    So I was just thinking about how the remix decks can now be set as a master clock. What I was picturing is having a remix deck fille with instrumentals and have an acapella on a track deck that I can quickly throw over all the instrumentals in my remix deck. So in theory let's say I have 4 hip hop instrumentals all around the 95 bpm mark. If I set the remix deck as a master with a tempo of 95bpm will my loops all go to 95 bpm automatically?

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    From my understanding you can choose to sync/unsync any of the four remix channels. Idk how it would work with setting the master though. If you go to NI's website you can do an interactive tour of sorts of the f1 which will give you a good idea of how the remix decks are intended to work. It goes through every buttons function and shift function.

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