Some beginner questions... (regarding VCI-100 & laptop)
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    Default Some beginner questions... (regarding VCI-100 & laptop)

    hey there..

    I just got a few questions because I'm looking to pick up a VCI-100. However, before I buy it I just wanna make some clarifications.

    1. My laptop has a mic and two headphone jacks. If I were to just want my audio to come out my computer speakers would that work?? (I'm just planning on mixing in my room so I don't need super nice speakers yet.) Or, do I need absolutely need to purchase an external sound card??

    2. My laptop has three USB slots, will this be enough for all the plug-ins that will have to go into my laptop if I do need to buy said sound card?

    3. If I were to purchase the VCI-100 and a Numark DJ/iO, would I need to purchase any additional cords?? Or would everything be included?

    Thanks for the help, whoever decides to answer these three pretty easy questions!

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    1) Yes

    2) Yes. The VCI only needs 1.

    3) Check with the manufacturers. I think your cables that connect to your laptop are included. But don't take my word for it.

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