I recently moved cities in British Columbia, Canada and my VCI-100 did not survive the move.

I remembered that there was a request on here once for spare parts for the unit and thought it may be the best place to unload it for anyone who may need the parts for a botched DIY or General wear and tear.

Currently the issue is when its hooked to the computer it comes up with a "Device Malfunction" and no longer loads up as a "USB Midi Device".

I use Ableton more then any other software for performance and even though the the VCI-100 was a great piece of hardware. I found it to be some limiting.
I am moving onto using the http://www.djtechtools.com/2009/03/2...mur/#more-1225 fake lemur setup with my Trigger Finger.

I am asking 100$ obo (Canadian) + shipping

if your interested PM me and we can work out the logistical details.