Opened the beatport app and got an update message.

Third Beta release of Beatport Pro
  • [FEATURE] You can now sort items in your cart by the date that they were added.
  • [IMPROVED] The app will now follow the current playing track which means when you play the previous/next track the relevant item in the current list will be highlighted.
  • [IMPROVED] You can now use the left/right arrows without the need for the CMD key to control the player.
  • [IMPROVED] CMD + W now close the current tab when in the browser view.
  • [IMPROVED] Search results are now initially sorted by relevance whereas previously they were sort/grouped by result type i.e. release, track etc.
  • [IMPROVED] Streamlined the checkout process and improved the handling of credits.
  • [IMPROVED] The app is now more robust when handling unexpected responses from the Beatport API, which previously could have caused the app to crash.
  • [IMPROVED] My Beatport tracks are now group by Release and then secondary sorted by Track Name, previously they were just grouped by Release.
  • [FIXED] Sometimes during the start of playback for a track it appeared to be playing but there was no audio.
  • [FIXED] The dock icon badge does not get updated to the correct My Beatport unplayed count on app startup.
  • [FIXED] The list of artist names for an item are now sorted correctly when displayed in a context menu.
  • [FIXED] When the follow current playing track in the background feature is enabled it sometimes caused the app to be activated and pushed to the foreground.
  • [FIXED] Sometimes the Show current Playing Track option could cause the app to crash.
  • [FIXED] My Beatport syncing for artists and labels would not always work if you followed > 300 items.