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    Hey Everyone,

    About 6 months ago I was introduced to EDM/House music, and ever since then I've been hooked and can't get enough. Now to avoid pissing people off I in no way consider myself to be a qualified DJ, but I am looking to get started and eventually mix and produce some tracks of my own. I want to get the mixing down and actually become a DJ first.

    So far I've really only been using Virtual DJ and the ION Discover DJ usb controler. Now before all the haters come out, I want to mention that the use of the ION DDJ was to help me get away from using a mouse/keyboard. I know some dont even consider it to be useful but I'm hoping that my time with it will help me transition easier to bigger and better equipment.

    My knowledge is limited to me using the "sync" button, basic loops and the cross-fader as well as bass/trebel adjustments.

    Anyways I want to take my mixing to the next level and to be completely honest I am not quite sure where to go from here. From what I can tell, I can go in the direction of a controller like a Traktor S2 or S4 (or some other controller with more functionality than the basic ION. Or the other option would be to break out the big bucks and dive head first into a mixer, tables, speakers, etc.

    Now since I am still very beginner, are there any experienced DJs out there who can offer me some advice on either equipment or software or anything really. Like I said I want to take my mixing to the next level so that one day I can actually call myself a DJ.

    Thank you in advance if anyone can offer some insight or tips.

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    I think you got it there dude. Get yourself a decent but not too expensive 2 channel controller (probably an S2 if you can afford it, but there is plenty of decent cheaper options, especially for a beginner) and importantly some decent headphones. That way if it turns out you don't like it, don't have time etc you haven't burnt too much cash. Jumping straight to turnies/CDJs and a mixer is a big leap, especially with the range of cheaper options available now.

    Then practice, practice, practice.....

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    Hit the second hand market. I bought second hand 1210's and then a xone 22 both for less than half price in both cases. Real decent gear for very little cash.

    If you want to stick with controllers, theres bound to be people selling off their controllers because they found that djing wasn't their thing.

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