How do you guys prepare for your gigs?
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    Default How do you guys prepare for your gigs?

    What do you guys do to figure out what to play, setting up your music, etc

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    Depends on where I'm playing and for whom. If it's a party, I just dump a ton of stuff into a crate and play from that whatever I feel. If it's a wedding I plan more cause people expect certain things. Clubs are a different story altogether. I play mostly house in that situation so I keep my entire house library open and just go.

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    Depends on what you mean by prepare.

    My practice consists of getting to know songs I've recently dnld. Counting bars. Getting to know where the drops are. Mixing them with songs that I think will go and seeing how it sounds.

    I never have a specific set cause I read the crowd and play accordingly. Can't do that with a pre canned set. I have my playlist/crates set up as: warmup, old faves, peak hour, hiphop, dubstep, 80's. I just jump around depending on what the crowd is grooving to at the moment and change it up when I see fit.

    There are times when I would go for weeks without touching the decks when I am at home (probably not a good thing). But with a full time job and a residency on the weekend. It gets rough. So sometimes playing at the club is my practice and I make up my sets as I go along.

    I guess to answer the question a bit more directly. I plan the first 3-5 songs I am going to play that night and go from there.
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    During the week I am constantly creating and reorganizing my crates / playlists. So come "game time" those are ready.

    On my way to the job, I listen to the polar opposite of what I'm going to be playing.

    Once I'm set up I drink a redbull/soda/ect and if there is time I'll run through a warm up set starting at ~70 BPM up to 130ish and then wait to go live..

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