Should I buy an Audio 6 or an Audio 8 - Both with TSP2
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    Default Should I buy an Audio 6 or an Audio 8 - Both with TSP2

    Should I purchase...

    Audio 6 for $280 (with MK2 vinyls, 2 sets of them)


    Audio 8 for $295 (with MK1 vinyls)

    Both are used and come with TSP2...I've seen and read reviews on both, I just can't decide on which is the better deal.

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    I'd go for the A8 for the extra inputs - an extra pair of stereo in/outputs, one of the inputs is switchable to an xlr for a mike, and midi i/o ports.
    The only upside of the A6 IMHO : it can be used as a thru box if you plug in the power supply : not as messy as multicore cables but apparently you need to pump up the gain a fair bit when using it as a phono thru. Supposedly you can use the card without the power supply but it seems to be a little unstable in that use case.

    Hoping to have more insights in this thread from people who know both - due to timecode + multicore issues at gigs I'm thinking of switching from an A8 to an A6... I'm also pointing my dj partner towards the TA6 package.

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    Take the Audio8. Audio6 is not as reliable, have seen it crapping out, needing to be unplugged and then plugged in again to continue working. Actually I think my friends with an Audio6 could even replicate some problems by holding a cell phone (maybe poorly shielded? who knows) near the Audio6 while it was used for playback.
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    I would go 8 for four stereo decks.
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    Mad not to go for the Audio 8 - bargain him down to what you would pay for the Audio 6!
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