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When I learned to beatmatch, I did so in about a week... It's not rocket science. I suppose I had already trained my ears by using sync for a while, but it's not nearly as hard as some of the "old pros" around here would have you believe.
I know I could DJ without sync. As a producer ... I've heard music in my head my whole life. It almost ruins music because I hear it in layers and dissect them as opposed to just enjoying a song. I understand song structure / sequencing / theory / key ... I just know "most of the time" what's going to happen next in a song ... Even if I've never heard it before. Most music we dance to works in 4's - 8's - 16's ... AND most music we dance to is quantized ... AND it's like producers do DJ's a courtesy and produce their tracks in ways that adhere to a formula that make them "easier" for DJ's to incorporate into their sets. intro ... first hook ... drop ... half way through first drop a reference from the hook ... 2nd half of first drop ... 2nd hook ... 2nd drop ...

Fun stuff.