Midifighter 3D colors and Traktor 2.5 remix decks?
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    Default Midifighter 3D colors and Traktor 2.5 remix decks?

    So as far as i can tell, the kontrol F1 and the Midi fighter 3D's RGB readouts work by having one red LED, one Blue LED, and one Green LED LEDs in each botton, right? And software is just telling each led how bright to be for each color. Am I correct here?

    Now, has anything been announced about the midifighter 3D's colored LED's compatibility with the color system for 2.5's new remix decks? Basically will you be able to map the 3D to control the new remix decks, and have the LED colors reflect the clip colors?

    The only ways I can picture this working are:

    The midifighter 3D is specifically allowed to use Traktor's proprietary HDID system that they're using for the Kontrol F1... Though some back-end deal.

    That NI has set up the remix decks to send midi data for the color for each clip.

    Also, does anybody know of any DIY projects where someone has put RBG LEDs like these into a build? how difficult is this?

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    You can control RGB leds with MIDI, more specifically with values 0-127. No need to use HID, Traktor supports this natively with MIDI.

    Don't know anything about Traktor 2.5, but given NI's history, it'll probably all be mappable.
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    I believe its been stated that the RGB output from traktor 2.5 to the kontrol f1 will be through the .NHL protocol. However, thats not to say that rgb color mixing can't be done via midi, but the hardware does need to be able to do it (case n point: akai apc20/40 while not rgb, still can't color mix)

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    Traktor already sends different MIDI out values for the various cue types, so there's technically no reason why it can't send out different values for the sample colour types. It hasn't been confirmed if it will though.

    I doubt NI will be cannabilizing F1 sales by letting other people use NHL though.
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    i really hope that traktor 2.5 will be able to send out different midi velocities depending on the clip colour. as to how well that can be mapped natively to any controller won't be known until we get a chance to see the midi implementation.

    with the midifighter 3d sending a velocity between 66 and 86 will allow u to select one of the 20 colours it can create. the other values are for selecting various brightnesses of the user chosen active and inactive colours as well as some other stuff.

    the apc40 has three different colours u can select and the launchpad has about 13 different ones (there's more, but a lot are very similar). both these controllers only have two led's per pad so not a full rgb choice.

    there's certainly no need for hid for updating colours in controllers, midi is fine, but we won't know how easy it will be to map the remix sample colours until we can try it i guess.
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    Btw: Did you already notice that NI won't let you map the whole remix decks' functionality on controllers different from the F1. Their homepage says you will only be able to use all functions with buying the F1. Probably some functions won't be part of the mapping editor in the controller manager section.

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    Like some layers you can't duplicate or have access to on the s4's embedded mapping, the native mapping used on the f1 outclasses the mapping possibilities of the current controller manager. So it doesn't come as a surprise for me.
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