Linking two or more songs "together" in itunes
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    Default Linking two or more songs "together" in itunes

    hello friends,

    ive read all the itunes powertips when they came up here and today again. what i was looking for, was a tip how to combine 2 or more songs. to get more precisely, i want to select one track for my mix and want to link one or more song to him which i told the program would work nice together. i thought i read something about exactly this in the itunes powertips but cant find it.

    im actually using serato 1.9 with cdj 400 via usb.

    to get a better control over my library this night im building a new itunes (8.x) library to get a better library "control" and overview. i now know how to filter genres and so on, but how can i link songs together?

    one option i used in the past was writing good working tracks into the comments but do you know a "better" way?

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    Not sure what you mean by "linking"

    Do you mean grouping tracks based on characteristics of the music (energy level, BPM, which tracks mix well together?)

    If so, the only way I know of is editing the metadata to include this information that you would add (which sounds like what you've already done). I know a lot of people do it by custom cover art too (color coded).

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