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    so right now my setup is S2 + Midi Fighter classic and everything is working fine except for the in and outfor looping. im using the default mapping for s2 and the instant gratification mapping from the MF classic. my problem is that when i want to go into a loop i press out which puts me into the loop and i can adjust it fine while in loop but i have no way of pressing a button to get out of that loop

    any suggetions or direct me to a new mapping that works fine with the MF classic instant grat mapping?

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    Mmh, always the same questions:
    - have you imported the tsi twice?
    - have you checked if in/out midi ports are set correctly?

    I've used the grat mapping on a launchpad and never had any issue, and I never heard of a problem like this in the forum( and I think a lot of people are using s2+mf)
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